Augment Design is a Branding, Strategy and Business Design Consultancy.

We help businesses achieve their goals by designing their visual identity and culture, allowing them to fully realise their uniqueness and potential.

We provide two, simple, but complementary services:

As we believe our clients are a reflection of us, we almost exclusively work on referral. However, we do periodically work on unique projects.

If you think this describes your project, please drop us a line.

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Branding & Business Design

Your brand  is your fingerprint.

It's what distinguishes you and helps people recognise you from others.

Whether it's business or personal branding, we help organisations and individuals refine their image, their tone of voice, their language and their culture through careful, data-driven analysis to become the greatest version of themselves.

Culture Design & Business Coaching

Identifying, designing and refining your brand is only 20% of realising it's true potential.

What separates the good from the great is having a clear understanding of what your values and behaviours are, and a clear roadmap to train you or your organisation to achieve these sometimes abstract goals.

We help you achieve this by working alongside you to ensure you have all the tools to achieve the greatest version of you or your organisation.